NKG Grants & Prizes

Grants for 27NKG participants

The Nordic Gerontological Federation (NGF) offers 13 grants for congress participation, two grants for each Nordic country and one for each of the three Baltic countries.

  • Grants are aimed for scholars who have difficulties raising funds to cover their cost of attending to the congress.
  • Grants can only be applied by PhD candidates and non-senior researchers from the field of gerontology and geriatrics.
  • The application must include the following information: Name, age, education, employment, and reason for applying.
  • The application will be evaluated by the local scientific committee, the president of the congress and the president of the NGF.
  • Applicants need to submit an abstract. Grants are not awarded without an approved abstract.
  • Each grant is 5.000 SEK. In addition, those who are selected do not pay the congress registration fee.

Applications should be sent to Congress President Carin Lennartsson: carin.lennartsson@ki.se and Secretary General Amaia Calderón Larrañaga: amaia.calderon.larranaga@ki.se
Deadline for application is 15 February 2024


The NKG prize for promising researcher in gerontology (NGF)

At the 27th Nordic Congress of Gerontology in Stockholm the NGF prize for promising researcher in gerontology will be handed out for the 6th time. The prize is intended for a researcher from a Nordic country. At the Congress in Stockholm, the prize will be offered to a candidate from the country that hosts the following Nordic Congress of Gerontology, namely Finland. Thus, only candidates from Finland are applicable this time.

  • The proposed candidate must not hold a senior position but should preferably have concluded a PhD.
  • A member association of NGF can nominate the candidate to the prize. Argumentation and a CV must follow. No direct applications will be accepted.
  • The jury consists of the president and two vice presidents of the NGF and the chairs of the scientific committees in the current and for the next congress.
  • The prize-winner will receive an amount of 24.000 SEK and give a lecture at a ceremony during the congress
  • The prize-winner will not pay any registration fee at the 27th congress. Expenses for travel (in economy if by flight) and accommodation during the congress will be paid by NGF.

The nomination should be sent to the president of NGF, Jette Thuesen: thuesen@health.sdu.dk
Deadline for nominations is 15 December 2023.

The Sohlberg Prize (NGF)

The Nordic Gerontological Federation (NGF) invites for nominations of candidates for the most prestigious Nordic Prize in Gerontology, the Sohlberg prize.

  • The Sohlberg prize of 10.000 euros is sponsored by the Päivikki and Sakari Sohlberg Foundation and will be awarded at the Opening Ceremony of the 27th Nordic Congress of Gerontology in Stockholm.
  • The prize is relevant for all aging sciences and is awarded to a scientist active in a Nordic country who is a leader in gerontology with a major influence on the development of her/his field in aging research.
  • To be considered the candidate should have built a strong research group or initiated research of major importance for developments in gerontology.
  • The nomination must include reasons for the nomination (described on a half to a full A4 page), in addition to a curriculum vitas and a publication list of the candidate. Self-applications are not accepted.
  • The prize will be awarded by a jury including the president and two vice presidents of NGF and the two most recent prize-winners.

The nomination should be sent to the president of NGF, Jette Thuesen: thuesen@health.sdu.dk
Deadline for nominations is 15 December 2023.

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